Crazy busy!

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Original sculpt using a sake bottle, polymer clay, epoxy, fabric, metal and wood.

You found J*Ryu.  Site will be updated shortly, just too much stuff going on but as a recap: I was recently in the Qeeology 15th Anniversary Show, had some custom toys at Wondercon, and participated in  “Not Vinyl” show at Dragatomi in Sacramento.  Upcoming shows include the Ganmetall Celsius show at Toy Art Gallery in LA (attending), 510 Celsius Show at Inkies Tattoo Studio in Fremont and the Wizy custom touring show at D*Con in Pasadena (attending).  I will also have a Itadakimarshall Series 2 available at San Diego Comic Con at Dragatomi’s booth, along with some surprises so hope to see you there.

Follow me on Twitter (@jryu) for most recent news and updates and hope to see you soon!

Shine on,


  1. I like your title… makes me smile

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