I’d love to hear from you so drop me a note anytime at  I am currently *available* for commissions and show submissions.  Thank you!

  1. Orannis says:

    On Tomopop I just saw a feature on your La Mano Del Tiempo piece. It is amazing. I know it is going to be in the quee custom show, but is there any possibility of you selling it afterwards? This is a piece I would do almost anything to obtain.

  2. Skylor says:

    Hey bro I met you from dcon. I was digging you and jays peice. you have anything on sale rite now? Hit me up

    • designpimps says:

      Hey man, good to meet you. Thanks for the props on our piece, I really appreciate it. The only piece that I have unsold at the moment is my custom Sketchbot that’s available at right now. I have a few pieces coming up including a custom Blamotoys Nimbus in SF, a 20″ Qee in Miami, a Symbiote in Sac in March and a few other shows in the spring. I do commissions as well if you’re interested in a specific platform. Thanks for hollering at me, please keep in touch, my email is Shine on….


  3. Rob S says:

    Hey I just saw that 8″ Munny. I wanted to know if it’s for sale or anything? I love your work and would love you buy something from you.

    • designpimps says:

      Thank you so much. Jay222 and I will be putting it up for sale shortly and will announce the details shortly. Please check as the proceeds from this sale will be going towards helping Andy Heng of ToysRevil manage his hospital bills. Thanks again for the kind comments and continued support!

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