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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is off to a great 2011.  I just recently returned after having a great time in NYC where I got a chance to see so many of my friends.  It was great hanging out with my peeps Angry Woebots, Sket One, Kano, Palmetto Silentstage, Alexis ONE, Mr Munk, Lou Pimentel, Lil J, Kelly Denato,  Useless Toys, J-R00, Megaroo, JACRANKY, Steve Talkowski, MyloslovesToys, Dave Gittleman, Eric N from Argonaut, Keith Poon, John and Amy Wong, Louis, Vince and Bik, the Art Hustle, Tenacious Benny, Morgan, Sarah Jo and Dov from DKE, Baroness Nicole and so many more.  If I forgot you, it’s because I was already getting sick. =X

While I was there I had a nice meeting with Philips De Pury who wanted to view my work up and personal so I lugged the giant SOLACE 20″ Qee custom I did for Art Basel up there, bringing it on it’s 3rd plane ride in less than a month.  They wanted to keep it there so luckily I didn’t have to bring it back.  They had a sick Ryan McGinness show on display in their main gallery that I was happy to have a chance to check out.

The Rare Breed 3-man show was being held that weekend at one of my favorite stores in the world, myplasticheart, where Scribe/KANO/Angry Woebots had some killer pieces on display.  The show was spectacular and everyone brought their A-game. Scribe had canvases on display which were playful in subject and colorfully rendered alongside some fantastic mods on his own Resound Project toys.  Angry Woebots brought his signature pandas to Gotham on wood panels and print, along with some custom Panda King toys and were ferocious as ever.  I was honored that Woes chose to name one of his pieces after me, along with one named for my man Sket-one as well as KANO himself.  Last but not least, KANO, who in my opinion, has some of the cleanest work in the scene, had 8 fantastic wood panels that faithfully represented his particular style of distilled, animation-influenced characters with a hint of street-wise flavor.   Congrats to all three homies on a job well done as well as Vince and Bik at myplasticheart for hosting yet another great show.   Big shoutouts to everyone that I got to see that night and who always make a trip to NYC memorable and fun.

I was scheduled to depart NYC on Monday but not before I had an opportunity to hit up a wall for my favorite bastard, SUCKLORD.  He knew I was going to be in town that weekend but lambasted me for not being able to make his solo show at Boo-Hooray Gallery in Chelsea for his Suckadelic Retrospective.  We went over there on Sunday afternoon to help him commemorate his long career by painting the walls at the gallery.  I was lucky to have worked alongside Lamour Supreme, Billy McRoids, Phetus, Mr. Den, Lou Pimentel, KANO, Angry Woebots and more as we all created enough paint fumes to have the NYFD show up to shut us down.  Luckily we were able to continue but just without the use of spray cans.  I started to feel a bit down as I was getting sick from the hellish weather so that night I just kicked it with Woes and watched some TV.

On the day of my departure, my flight back to NC was cancelled so I was able to hang out for a bit longer with Aaron and Pauly since they were leaving on Tuesday.  We all started getting sick tho so we didn’t do much except for some sightseeing, considering that they had never been to NYC before.  I was honored to be introduced to a bunch of Woes’ old homies from Hawaii and Seattle who had moved to NYC including Keilani, Ren, JJ, Eriko and more, who were all such humble and laid back people – to be doubly expected consider they are from Hawaii and are friends of Woes, it’s no wonder they’re so chill.  Haha.

On the last day, Woes and Pauly were a little concerned that an incoming winter storm would delay or cancel their flight but they made it back to LA that evening.  Alas, my flight was actually scheduled to depart the NEXT day so that meant that I was able to attend SUCKLORD’s show after all.  That evening, Dave Gittleman picked me up and we headed over to Chelsea to join Morgan for a crazy evening full of BeerLao, pink stormtroopers and a special appearance by my fave villain, Vectar.  Most of our friends made it out for that show as well so it was a good last night for me as we all joined Morgan in celebrating his storied and interesting career as an artist and bootlegger.  I even got to meet his parents, the couple responsible for bringing this madman into this world.  They were lovely.

Since I had no place to stay that night, Eric of Argonaut Resins was super super kind to let me crash at his place, despite me being super sick.  I was also treated to a studio tour where he makes his fantastic Tutz cats and Kings of Atlantis Skulls as well as given tons and tons of inspiration  This dude was responsible and had a hand in so many toys in the vinyl scene,  you have NO idea.  Anyways, THANK YOU Eric for being such a great host and for taking care of me while I was down for the count.

I eventually made it back here to Raleigh and spent the next couple of weeks recuperating from what I called NYC SARS.  In that time, I’ve started work on my custom for the NYC<3’sQEE show taking place on Valentine’s Day at Yoyamart in NYC and have started sketching out the idea for my Dem Bones custom for the SEEN show in Brooklyn in March.  Lastly, I’m so stoked to now be a part of the ARMY of SNIPERS INT, a crew of artists from all over the world who are bringing the thunder with whatever medium they are working in, such as Pixel Pancho in Italy, Peap Tarr in Cambodia, THEY in Southeastasia, Misery in New Zealand, REMI MEAD in Okinawa and more, led by none other than Mr. Hotcheeks himself, Angry Woebots.  The pressures on to keep up my game but I’m ready, 2011 has most definitely started with a BANG BANG BANG.

Thanks for all of your emails and messages, I am humbled by your support and encouragement.  I will continue to try my best.

Til next time, shine on….








Tokyo Never Don’t Sleep

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2010 Recap

  • Private collection, AJ Eetz (Custom Kid Robot 3″ Dunny)
  • Private collection, Opus 901 (Custom Super 7 Rose Vampire)
  • Qeeology 15th Anniversary Show, Lincoln NB – Cupcake Vampire (Custom 2.5 Toy2R Toyer Qee)
  • Wondercon, San Francisco CA – Itadakimarshall Series 1 (Custom Marshalls)
  • “Not Vinyl” show at Dragatomi, Sacramento CA – OniSake (original sculpture)
  • Ganmetall Celsius show at Toy Art Gallery in LA – Le Jardin De Meddy (Custom Rotobox Celsius)
  • San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA – Silva Dolorosa (Custom Ghost Girl)
  • San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA – Cupcake Vampires (5 x Custom Kidrobot Mini-Munnys)
  • San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA – Skullapple babyvtec (sculpting/painting) x J★RYU (concept) (custom original sculptures)
  • Zerostigmata Benefit piece, Naples Italy – Til the End of the World (Custom Kathie Olivas Two-Faced Hazel)
  • Custom Jouwe Show at Toy Art Gallery in LA – Ci Si Gioca Nella Sua Ombra (Custom MyTummyToys Jouwe)
  • Toy2R 15th Anniversary show at Dragatomi, Sacramento CA – La Mano Del Tiempo (Custom Toy2R Toyer Qee)
  • Driftwood Killer for private collection (custom Bwana Spoons Killer)
  • Little Monsters show at Million Fishes Gallery, San Francisco CA – KANPAI YOKAI! (5 x Custom Kidrobot Mini-Munnys)
  • DesignerCon, Pasadena CA – JAY222 x J★RYU Collaboration (Kidrobot Munny)
  • Sketchbot 2 show at Munky King, Los Angeles CA – Save Me (The Last Dance) (Custom Sketchbot available here)
  • Multiversal Show at Casa Wynwood during Art Basel, Miami FL – SOLACE (Custom 16” Toy2r Qee)
  • Blamo Toys Nimbus Custom Show at Million Fishes Gallery, San Francisco CA – I Had You at B8 (Custom Blamo Toys Nimbus)
  • OMI Show at Munky King, Los Angeles CA – There is a Light That Never Goes Out (Custom Munky King OMI)
  • Star Wars Series 6 Sketch cards from TOPPS (tentative release March 2011)

Upcoming shows for 2011

  • Feb 2011 – NewYork<3QEE, New York City, NY (Custom 5″ MiniQee)
  • March 2011 – SEEN Tribute show, New York City, NY (Custom SEEN Dem Bones)
  • March 2011 – For the Love of Vinyl show at Dragatomi, Sacramento CA (Custom Symbiote)
  • April 2011 – Big Trouble In Little China Tribute Show at Dragatomi, Sacramento CA
  • May 2011 – 3-Man Show, location/date TBA
  • July 2011 – Gumpy show, location TBD (Custom Gumpy)

Upcoming projects:

  • Collaboration with Brent Nolasco, details TBA
  • Custom Seismic Ace
  • Custom TYO Truck
  • Custom 20″ Mega Munny
  • Custom 20″ Dunny

For the latest images of my customs, please check my flickr at or follow me on Twitter (@jryu) for most recent news and updates. For show and commission considerations, or if you just want to say hello, please feel free to email me at – I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting and stay up…

Shine on,


Crazy busy!

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Original sculpt using a sake bottle, polymer clay, epoxy, fabric, metal and wood.

You found J*Ryu.  Site will be updated shortly, just too much stuff going on but as a recap: I was recently in the Qeeology 15th Anniversary Show, had some custom toys at Wondercon, and participated in  “Not Vinyl” show at Dragatomi in Sacramento.  Upcoming shows include the Ganmetall Celsius show at Toy Art Gallery in LA (attending), 510 Celsius Show at Inkies Tattoo Studio in Fremont and the Wizy custom touring show at D*Con in Pasadena (attending).  I will also have a Itadakimarshall Series 2 available at San Diego Comic Con at Dragatomi’s booth, along with some surprises so hope to see you there.

Follow me on Twitter (@jryu) for most recent news and updates and hope to see you soon!

Shine on,